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The Face Behind the Voice

For over the last eight years Aaron has voiced multiple roles and characters in close to 50 shows for Lakes Area Radio Theatre.

"What I love about voice acting is the creativity and the fun of creating a character with just your voice. I grew up watching cartoons, doing impressions, and having that desire inside of me to perform specifically with my voice. The challenge creatively is to look at the script, and from that, find the essence of the character and their unique "voice." I find voices in all sorts of different ways, from playing with the script vocally, or sometimes just from the character's name alone I know how they should sound. Voice acting is so enjoyable because there is a lot of craft and technique involved, but the creative process in getting there vocally is what is so fulfilling. With every character that I play, I bring all the energy and intentionality to the notes of the script for the story. Because the better prepared that I am in rehearsal, the more fun I will have, and it will make the experience and the story that more enjoyable for the audience."

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